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Printing decorative packaging with Samper

Sector: Beverages

Bodega Virgen de la Asunción (founded in 1957) is one of the 12 founding wineries of the D.O. Ribera del Duero. It has incredibly old grapevines. This, together with the efforts of several generations caring for and growing these grapevines, has made it possible to today enjoy the essence of Ribera del Duero: the Tinto Fino red: historic, native, rustic, powerful and authentic.

Imprenta Samper designs, prints and puts together a traditional case (lid/base) reinforced by a second box, which makes it more resistant while at the same time adding a decorative element that can be played with for a unique and original look. Decorative packaging for 3 bottles with interior customised die-cut cardboard support.

Sector: Food

Decorative packaging with 6 packets of Ibérico acorn-fed ham with a deep, warm aroma with hints recalling toasted nuts and the Mediterranean forest. Imprenta Samper presents a high-end case made of compact cardboard and offset printed with a laminated finish and UVI varnish highlighting the client’s corporate identity(B). The solution of the closure is a magnetised book cover.

Sector: Food

This is a family business which has been engaged in the artisanal production of acorn-fed cured Ibérico hams and sausages for several generations. Arturo Sánchez presents a new pack for the Christmas holiday with vintages from 2011, 2012 and 2013. A variety of Ibérico products influenced by each year’s weather conditions fills them with flavours, colours and textures, all of unquestionable quality. Imprenta Samper builds a graphic medium on which elegance is shown through its ranges of colours (black and gold) and a perfect adjustment of the selective UVI varnish.

Sector: Food

This decorative packaging comprises an inner box that is surrounded by a cardboard covering like the covers of a book. A flap with a magnet is added to close it. This decorative packaging is very suitable for gifts, promotions or for certain products such as cosmetics. Grupo Consorcio commissions Imprenta Samper with developing a case for marketing the Lote Gourmet of Gran Costera products (bonito, tuna, mussels and anchovies). Sobriety and elegance is the best letter of introduction.

Sector: Food

Spectacular. We were asked by FISAN to “dress” its LIMITED EDITION 2011 HARVEST GRAN RESERVA in Villamayor stone, the freestone that surrounds Salamanca’s greatest treasures. With a case that perfectly imitates this material, Imprenta Samper achieved this visual delight using the latest technologies and printing materials. An effort only achievable by great professionals in decorative packaging

Sector: Telecommunications

Our client Euskaltel launched an aggressive new campaign to bring in new clients with a €0/month sign-up until a certain deadline. Coining the term 0.0 Zero, Imprenta Samper designs and prints a decorative cardboard packaging with complex die cutting and excellent finish.

Sector: Telecommunications

And attractive and appealing design that Euskaltel suggested for the cover of the case of the HD recorder. Large print format on 1-side coated cardboard with scorelines and an adhesive tab for proper shaping.

Sector: Food

Our client markets the Cuca brand, which specialises in tinned seafood and fish. For over 70 years, it’s been carefully selecting top-quality raw materials using traditional methods in order to offer the best flavour in tinned fish and seafood.

These are fresh and natural products free of preservatives or added colours that are highly nutritious (sardines, tuna, mussels, anchovies, squids, clams and other shellfish). Imprenta Samper provides its knowledge in the preparation of decorative packaging for batches of preserves where we give the product a highly recognised look via the application of the best finishing techniques (reliefs, varnishes, stampings, etc.)

Sector: Bakery

Box-type decorative packaging that slides into a lined cardboard sleeve (similar to a matchbox). The interior is thermoformed plastic to better hold the chocolates/sweets. Imprenta Samper achieved a pure black printed background using the proper CMYK percentages. This leads to greater contrast in the application of varnishes and laminations.

Sector: Beverages

This presentation is well-known for its simplicity, similar to the traditional shoe box with the difference being that compact cardboard is used. This gives greater strength and distinction to the box. As this is a lined presentation, Imprenta Samper presents the market with a product with various customisation options and finishes that make the box more attractive (interlining papers, gold-coloured stamping and being held by flocked PVC for the security of the wine).

Sector: Publishing

Our client Piramid (United Kingdom) gave us the opportunity to print 27 covers for the BEATLES’ greatest hits. This exclusive and limited edition was presented in a case composed of a lined cardboard lid/base and a particularly eye-catching design. The carefully designed and detailed wrapping of the different prints inside.

Sector: Beverages

Winery located in one of the most sought-after grape-growing areas in the town of Laguardia in the heart of Rioja Alavesa. Its great “Pontac de Portiles” wine is made with grapes from the Pago Portiles estate which measures 1.5 ha and was planted in 1920. The harvest takes place under the most stringent ripening and harvest controls.

Commemorating the date, our client commissions us with the creation of a book-type case for a single bottle in which elegance and sobriety are combined in a monochrome design.
The contribution of selective varnishes and a clean silver stamping make up the final touch.