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Samper Impresores Print Shop


Samper Impresores is a graphics company with many years in the market; in 2016, it became the property of Imprenta Garcinuño S.L. Its track record is reflected in its excellent reputation in the sector and is considered a vanguard both in the Spanish market and abroad.

It is currently part of Grupo Gráfico Garcinuño, regarded as one of the graphics corporations with the greatest potential in the north


With the Group, Samper Impresores is leading a clearly expansionist strategy that is notably internationally focused. France, England, Sweden and Switzerland are our main “fishing grounds”; we offer them turnkey service which leads us to an unending demand for and achievement of success.

The company’s primary virtue lies in its human potential. Its staff, trained in well-known graphics companies, is committed to the family spirit that permeates the organisation and that demonstrates an undeniable commitment. We have a highly versatile multidisciplinary team trained in various productive areas and focused on customer service.

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Our Skills


The experience and the acquired know-how is our main active, which provides our
clients with a high grade of satisfaction.


Talent and imagination applied to the production



Personalización ONE to ONE. A tu medida



Talento e imaginación aplicado a la producción



Quality, our raison d’être


If there’s something Samper is awarded and recognised for, it’s for its Quality. Quality with a capital “Q” that goes beyond good printing. The contribution of innovative ideas, applying cutting-edge techniques is part of our DNA. All this is possible thanks to the extraordinary professional qualifications of our staff and the use of the most sophisticated control systems on the market.

Environmental Certifications


At Samper Impresores, we’ve implemented an environmental policy in which we commit to sustainable development. There’s a clear commitment to promoting the responsible management of our forests by ensuring the correct graphic product process. Plates, inks and packaging meet Community regulations.


And paper manufacturers guarantee the forest sustainability criteria when they supply us with raw materials with FSC® and PEFC Chain of Custody certification



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