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Printing narrative reports with Samper



Sociedad Bilbaina is a cultural and recreational company founded in 1893 with headquartered at Calle Navarra, 1 in Bilbao. A group of distinguished men in Bilbao had the idea of creating a social club, as in other European cities. In 2014, it celebrated its 175th anniversary and Imprenta Samper made its graphic contribution, resulting in a book/narrative report that stands out for its quarter leather hardcover and embossing cloth.

Centenario de la muerte de los Hermanos Aguirre
(The One-Hundredth Anniversary of the Death of the Aguirre Brothers)


Upon the one-hundredth anniversary of the death of brothers Pedro and Domingo de Aguirre, the Vizcaína Aguirre Foundation is seeking to memorialise them by showing the private, human side of their lives via their family correspondence

Imprenta Samper put forth its finest efforts, printing the book on the highest quality Conqueror papers, giving it that parchment effect desired by our client. The book jacket included stands out for its transparency effect with the proper use of in-house inks for plant-based papers.

Puerto de Bilbao, Ayer y Hoy
(The Port of Bilbao, Yesterday and Today)


The book shows the transformation of the Port of Bilbao through a comparison of 61 b/w photographs covering the period of 1867 to today. The current photographs are meant to be replicas of the originals, trying to use the same point of view and framing. With this book, Imprenta Samper manages to convey the visual power of the photographs printed in black and white using art papers and selective varnishes.

Lezama, Athletic Cluben Bihotza
(Lezama, Athletic Club’s heart)


The longest-running team in the First Division presents us its greatest fortune. The youth team.
And it’s in Lezama’s facilities that these young players are trained to someday play in the pro team and, therefore, in the cathedral, San Mamés. Imprenta Samper provides its professionalism presenting a book whose red and white colours, added to black, gain maximum prominence. The powerful visual photographic impact is reflected in the fold-outs included in its pages.

8 años de políticas públicas de suelo y vivienda en Euskadi
(Eight years of public policies on land and housing in Euskadi).


In this narrative report, the Department of Housing and Social Affairs spotlights the progressive land use and housing policy from an alternative and transformative perspective, promoting people’s access to it at a reasonable price. Imprenta Samper, as an expert in raw materials, advised the use of Ivory coated paper which, together with the gold metallic ink printing, results in a warmth and elegant report. The cutout on the cover representing an 8: It gives the publication an obvious visual impact.

25 años prestando atención
(25 years providing service)


The Emergency Services and Weather Directorate (Spanish acronym DAEM) is responsible for coordinating the Basque Emergency Services System aimed at responding to any kind of emergency that may take place in the Basque Autonomous Region. Based on the common European number 112, the Basque government manages Euskadi’s emergencies in direct cooperation with the rest of the regional governments. Imprenta Samper has used its expertise to apply different printing techniques, such as offset and silk-screening, resulting in a book that stands out for its elegance and excellent finish.

120 años de Metro en Bilbao
(120 years of the Metro in Bilbao)


As part of the celebration of the 12 years that Bilbao’s metro service has been running, this company published — with the sponsorship of CAF — a commemorative book in which the historian Juanjo Olaizola recounts the story of this means of transport and those that came before it, dating back to the steam trains that ran from San Agustín station to Arceta, eventually lengthened to Plentzia.

Imprenta Samper accepted the challenge of printing this book, characterised by its unconventional format in which full-page photography plays an important role in both endpapers and inside pages. The numeric cover illustration is a game of dates related to the origin of Vizcaya’s railway calendar and the beginning of what is today is the pride of Bilbao. It’s metro.

Viaje visual por la historia de Bilbao
(Visual journey through the history of Bilbao)


Metro Bilbao joins the 700th anniversary of the concession of the Municipal Charter and founding of the Municipality of Bilbao publishing this narrative report that includes the cultural material in the exhibition. Imprenta Samper gives its best printing the cover in Pantone red perfectly matched with selective UVI varnish (on the commemorative dates) and metallic silver stamping.


100 años en historias 1917/2017
(100 years in stories 1917/2017)


Cementos Lemona S.A. was created in 1917. A leading cement company in northern Spain, it offers its clients a range of products based on market needs of great quality and consistency. As a tribute to its extensive business life we are given the privilege of printing the commemorative edition, which is noteworthy for the quality of its silver-stamped cover and jacket printed in metallic silver ink, giving it a clean, unique look.


Estrategia Vasca de Seguridad y Salud en el trabajo 2015/2020
(Basque Occupational Health and Safety Strategy 2015/2020)

Cliente: OSALAN

In this publication, the OSALAN institute defines strategy to be followed for sustained improvement of working conditions in the Basque Autonomous Region under the guidelines set out by the European Union on the prevention of occupational risks.
It is published bilingually and notable characteristics include its four-colour printed cover + direct metallic Pantone and diagonal thumb cut index in its die-cut tabs.