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Creativity at the customer’s service


At Samper, we’re professional with the entire production process

The experience acquired in the many years in this profession leads us to be extremely careful and professional with the entire production process.

Our commercial technicians are deeply involved from the very beginning of the project providing that vision and know-how necessary for optimum implementation.

That person will be your liaison during the entire production trip. Art direction, preprinting, printing and binding/finishing will be the different stations for an unforgettable final phase.


Processing of texts and images

Adobe Illustrator and InDesign are the right graphics platforms for creating PDFs that are optimum for printing. Samper Impresores advises you on the correct way to ship graphic materials. Take note of our advice and you’ll get the desired result. (PDF with Final Art tips).

Remote document review system

We offer our clients the possibility to transfer their documents through our Fuji Remote XMF and, at in turn, to review and approve them from any computer/device with internet access.

Colour testing systems

We provide our clients with certified colour testing services to check the work prior to the real run, and an on-site invitation for the start of printing if appropriate.
We do RGB to CMYK conversions and even simulation of flat inks in order reproduce the colour as faithfully as possible to the standards.

Computer-to-plate (CTP)

Heidelberg Suprasetter computer-to-film


At Samper, we have entrusted our printing to Heidelberg machinery.

Offset machines robust for producing the most demanding quality with the greatest productivity. We have them in both large and small formats.

Our large format offset machines (72 x 102) print on a wide variety of media, giving a wide range of possibilities to choose from in the final design of the product.

Our small format machinery (52 x 35) is for producing direct colour printing. In addition, we can include numbering, punching, cutting and printing of envelopes with or without flaps.

  • Heidelberg Offset Mod. SpeedMaster SM 52, four colours, format 37 x 52 cm


The great versatility of these machines allows us to conquer the packaging sector. The possibility of printing materials that are <1 mm thick is a powerful draw for container and decorative packaging clients.

The choice of adding a fifth colour is a plus that allows us to print corporate identities using Pantone®. Metallic inks and selective varnishes are, in turn, another clear example of the diversity of finishes.

All that’s left is to give them a try…

  • OHeidelberg Offset Mod. SpeedMaster CD 102 – 4, four colours, format 72 x 102 cm
  • Heidelberg Offset Mod. SpeedMaster CD 102 – 5, five colours, format 72 x 102 cm


At Samper, we offer the best services on the market.

At Samper Impresores, we offer you a digital printing equipment with the best benefits on the market offered by the Xerox brand.

  • XEROX 7428 digital colour printer.
  • XEROX 700 digital colour printer, with devices for folding, stitching and line cutting.
  • XEROX 1000 digital colour printer with high-capacity finish device.
  • XEROX D125 digital black printer with high-capacity finish device.

The great variety of grammage permitted allows us to offer a very broad range of products: from brochures and flyers for direct advertising using 80 grams to catalogues and business cards using 350-gram card.


We specialise in consulting, design and communications of ONE TO ONE campaigns where the degree of customisation can go from a simple grid of routing to full variable images.


Direct or promotional marketing uses this type of communicative actions and at Samper we create campaigns of mailings, self-mailers, coupons, scratch and win, loyalty building cards, etc


With our BELL and HOWELL envelope inserters for up to six elements, we have created our own elements collation system that complements Digital Printing. We also offer conventional envelope and window envelope insertion service.

A special mention is due for the use of bar codes in the different campaigns which allows us to control of returns and to update the database, reducing the costs of future mailings.


We have a wide range of binding and finishing.

Every good printing must be accompanied by a wide range of possibilities for binding and finishing.

  • Folded: folded parallel, cross, special window and publishing up to 32 pages for both books and notebooks as well as two- and three-fold pamphlets and others.

  • Punched: we have selective punch devices with which we can offer various cutting finishes and applications of sealing and wettable glues. Special for doing self-mailer type direct marketing formats.

  • Scorelines: for work that requires it, we have scorelines for heavy paper with folding and drilling option.

  • Staple stiching: seven station staple unit plus a book cover inserter. With four stitching heads, three-sided paper cutter and output counter-stacker for binding large- and small-volume magazines and catalogues.

  • Paperback, sewn with heavy thread (paperback binding).


  • Hardcover binding.

  • Wire coil and spiral binding.
  • Silk screen varnishes with special effect.

  • Die-cutting, stamping and blind embossing.

  • Document insertion: automatic gluing, numbering and cutting devices for inserting forms.

  • Laminator: format 76 x 102 that allows laminating folds in different varieties: glossy, matte, scratch-resistant matte, embossed and soft touch.

  • Packaging: two stretch wrappers, an automatic packaging line with shrink-wrap film and an automatic pallet wrapper.


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