Museo bellas artes (fine arts museum)

//Museo bellas artes (fine arts museum)

Museo bellas artes (fine arts museum)

We at Imprenta Comercial Samper S.A.U. wish to offer a special thank-you for the confidence conveyed by the Bilbao Museum of Fine Arts by its Director Miguel Zugaza with regard to doing the book for the Alicia Koplowitz – Grupo Omega Capital Collection. This was a first-time exhibition in Spain that included nearly a hundred works, including paintings, sculptures and drawings. A cultural journey that spans classical antiquity to the present.


Imprenta Samper has faithfully conveyed all the works exhibited in the museum in its printing. The thorough photography and retouching work is highlighted by the true professionalism of our print team, giving rise to a product suitable for the most demanding palates in the world of art.


This exhibition, the first project in its director’s new stage, is already a new success to be added to those obtained in his career, and we’re convinced that it will serve as a guarantee for new initiatives in which Imprenta Samper will show what it knows how to do best: PRINT.